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Palm And Body Reading

Palm Reading

“There is nothing in the three worlds for knowledge besides the hand, which is given to man and which can be read like a book.” – Hasta Sanjeevani.

It is said that Palmistry has migrated from India to other countries like Greece, Egypt, Persia and Syria in ancient times. Samudra, deity of the Seas has first given this knowledge to the world, hence this is called ‘Samudrika’. Sages like Narada, Valmiki, Garga, Bhrigu, Prahlada and Astrologers like Varahamihira have done a lot of work in Palmistry. Palmistry was discussed in the great books like ‘Bhavishya Puranam’ and ‘Hasta Sanjeevani’. But some how Palmistry could not receive proper attention in India in modern times. It is given high regard in Western countries.

Palmistry revives its foundation on the experiments conducted by Desbarrolles and d’Arpentigny in 19th century. They made a life time study of Palmistry by collecting the imprints of Hands of thousands of people, and classifying them according to the nature of people and events which occurred in their lives. Then a hypothesis has been developed and verified with the support of further research.

Just like a doctor examines a patient and determines his disease by using clinical equipment, a Palmist can predict in advance the health state of a person by simply observing his hands. Noel Jaquin and Eugene Scheimann have proved this by their research. Mr Edward Kowalewski, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and former president of the American Academy of Physicians, says: “I try to watch the hands of the patients in my waiting room, because they give so many clues, both physical and emotional”.

Body Reading

Reading the body’s structure and posture a fascinating journey for people working with people and for people who want to learn more about themselves.

When we look at other people it is obvious that we all come in very different shapes and sizes. Every person has his or her individual shape and posture. Some people we find sympathetic in a glimpse and with others we have trouble to communicate with.

In this course we learn what a body can tell us about the qualities and challenges each body structure and posture brings for each of us. The different postures and body structures are covered theoretically but also practically through looking at our bodies and easy to do exercises to soften the structures that are blocking us. We also learn how to succesfully communicate with the various types, so that we can enjoy our life with other people.

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