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Remedy through Lord Jagannath

How Lord Jaganath’s Remedies will help you overcome bad planetary effects.

In order to strengthen your planets , minimize and negate the malefic doshas or malefic influence of planets, here are some simple rituals that are beneficial for removing Obstacles & hindrances in your life.

1. Delay in Marriage of a girl child

On a Thursday offer three garlands of 12 feet made of Swarna Champa ( Magnolia Champaka) or Marigold ( Gendha phool ) to all the three deities and pray for your wish fulfillment standing behind the Garuda Stambha inside the temple .
Parents should pray to Lord Jaganath, and completely surrender at his feet plead Lord Jaganath that their daughters marriage is in his hands now and do not look for a groom anymore.After that offer mahaprasad with sweets ( Kheer) to a fair Brahman and offer some dakshina with respect and take his aashirvad.

2. Remedy for the desired groom

Offer Yellow Pata Bastra to all three deities.

3. For success in court cases and relief from financial issues .

Offer 12 feet Tulasi mala to the three deities on a Wednesday. Then stand behind the Garuda Stambha and pray for wish fulfillment.

4. Remedy to cure Cancer

Offer pata to the 3 deities on Saturday for cure of cancer disease.
OR offer 12 feet garland made of Yellow Champa ( magnolia champaka ) or marigold with red lotus flower.

5. Remedy to cure Diabetes

Offer Khadua pata or red net cloth
or white , orange or red garland of 20 feet or scented white flower with lotus to the three Deities.

6. Remedy to conceive for childless couples

Offer 16 besan ladoo or boondi ladoo to the three deities and then distribute it amongst children . Do it for 16 Thursdays . Or bring home bal Gopal or ladoo gopal idol and take care of them like your own child .
Or offer 5 bananas to the deities for 5 Thursday’s and distribute it amongst children .

7. Remedy to get rid of problems in job

Offer mirchi ladoo prasad to the 3 deities on Saturday or Tuesday and then offer it to lord Hanuman.

8. Remedy for all problems

Offer 12 feet or more panchugani flower garland on Friday to the three deities.

9. Remedy for mental stress / Rahu 

Offer Chandan lagi on Saturday to the three deities.

The list goes on . This is just a sample from the many remedies . Lord Jaganath resides in everyone’s heart , if you worship him wholeheartedly he will fulfill all your desires as he cannot see his devotees in pain .

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